Buds and blooms at the end of gardening vacation

I published this on my main site and want to make sure to keep it here on my gardening blog as well since I use this site as my way to quickly review my gardening log.

Butterfly Mind

I spent last week’s daylight hours almost exclusively outside. I drank my morning coffee indoors, then put on my gardening gloves and hat and spent the days digging, carting, planting, and shoveling. I calculated on my gardening blog that I spread more than 2 tons of mulch in about 3 days. I was exhausted by the end of the week, but now everything is so pretty I can’t help but just stand at the windows (it’s raining) and admire all the plants that are about to burst into bloom. I ventured out into the drizzle today to capture these early buds and blossoms.

01 tulip These tulips will open any second now.

08 redbud tree Redbud 😍

10 lilac bud The lilac will smell delicious when these blossoms open

13 dogwood blossom The dogwood remains a favorite. I take this same photo every year 😛

03 redbud branches with sky The redbud is thick with fuscia buds this year

34 front lobe from side of house Our dogwood and a front bed before…

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One thought on “Buds and blooms at the end of gardening vacation

  1. Is redbud popular? The Eastern redbud is only becoming popular here as the ‘Forest Pansy’, which I really dislike. The color is so bad and fades to dingy smoky green in our arid climate. I will never understand what is so unappealing about green foliage that makes people crave bronze or yellow or other colors. I would not mind so much if it were a ‘good’ color’, like that of the purple leaf plums. The native Western redbud is even less popular. It is more of a shrub anyway.


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