May 17: raised bed

In April, when quarantine was still relatively new (eg, day 30 instead of day 65), our daughter wanted to build a plyo box for working out. Meanwhile, we wanted to grow tomatoes.

We’d been talking about the idea raised beds for a while. We have no level ground on our property — the only level ground is in the shade. Where we do have sun, we either have lawn or flowers. I don’t want viney tomato plants and their cages in the middle of my flower garden.

We found a hardware store that delivers lumber, and we didn’t want to make them drive all the way to our house just to deliver a couple pieces of plywood for our daughter’s plyo box. So we researched what we’d need for a raised bed and figured what the heck, let’s give it a try and see what happens.

Step 1: dig
Step 2: remove skin of grass

Step 3: level bed and box it in

I dug out the grass; my husband leveled the bed and boxed it in with 4x4s. Today, I filled it with top soil and compost, then planted four tomato — 2 beefsteak and 2 varieties of cherry — and an habañero plant.

Step 4: fill with soil and plants

We’re ready for summer.

One thought on “May 17: raised bed

  1. It actually seems to be only ‘gently’ sloped in the pictures. I so miss the flat gardening spaces in the Santa Clara Valley. The vegetable garden here is so steep that I will build berms around some of the vegetable plants as they mature, just so I can give them a bit more water without it flowing downhill.


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