Yellow flowers, foggy morning

Mailbox and yellow flowers in fog by Andrea Badgley on Butterfly Mind
Warm flowers on a cool morning
We spent the past week moving: we are homeowners again. We’ve gotten the unpacking to a point where we can lounge in the living room, find clothes in our closets, cook in the kitchen, and eat at the table.

We’ve also gotten to the point where I feel like I can take a breather from unpacking boxes, washing walls, lining cabinets with shelf paper, and organizing all our stuff: I can stop and enjoy our new home.

I opened the blinds as soon as I woke this morning and saw fog nestled between houses and trees. I am a sucker for fog. And when there are warm yellow flowers popping around our new mailbox against a cool foggy backdrop? It’s time to get the camera out and start shooting again. In our new home.

We moved locally, about five minutes from our previous home. After 12 moves in 20 years, this time we hope to stick around a while.