The things we focus on are the things that will flourish

I know this has been said a million times before, and is cliché, and everyone is already familiar with the concept of nourishing the appropriate areas of our lives that we want to grow, but I am still astonished by it when I garden: when we take time in our lives to pay attention to something, that thing will prosper.

This is true whether we cultivate our craft by carving out time to write or photograph or woodwork; our relationships by spending quality time with the people we love; or our worries, making them larger and more real in our lives for the care and feeding we give them.

But nowhere is it so clear to me, so real, as when I water plants. Perhaps this is because I see what neglect results in as well: withering. Decline. Death.

As I trickle clear water on pansies and lettuces, I see new flower buds that weren’t there when we bought the plants, new leaves that have sprouted since we planted them. It makes me kind of giddy.

It only takes a few minutes of my day. Each time I fill our lemonade pitcher with water and go out on the front steps to give the flowers a drink, I am struck that this simple act gives them life.

For the month of April, I will publish a 10-minute free write each day. Minimal editing. No story. Just thoughts spilling onto the page. Trying to get back into the writing habit.

2 thoughts on “The things we focus on are the things that will flourish

  1. Andrea, thank you sooooo much for this post. My body did a deep sigh reading it. I’ve had so many things happening all at once, my focus is … well, less than precise. Thankfully, an all day workshop I was scheduled to teach tomorrow has been postponed. I have an unscheduled weekend!!! I can get the last garden cleaned out of winter debris. And water. And fertilize the iris – if it’s not too late – but I will anyway. And I will remember to focus. Thank you.

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