Mar 10: first mint leaves, tulip leaves, and forsythia buds

Temperatures are in the 60s this week and the sun is finally out. I walk every day to see what flowers are in bloom. So far, I only see crocuses and snowdrops. Daffodil buds are fat, though, and they’ll open any day now. I bought a small flat to plant in our garden because the only early spring bulbs I have are the ones our mail carrier gave me — a crocus and a snowdrop.

I think by next week the daffodils will dot gardens with happy yellow, and maybe the forsythia will pop as well.

Tulip leaves emerge
Forsythia buds
First mint leaves

June 28: gardening in the rain

Today was a perfect day to move plants around and to spend a good amount of time in the garden: the temperature was about 72 ℉ with a light drizzle all day long. I transplanted a few plants, including two Russian sages, refilled our flower boxes, and planted lantana and artemisia, all without worry of shocking them by planting them in the heat of summer.

The overcast sky and cool sprinkles kept me comfortable while I spent most of the day outside. I liked not overheating while I was out there in almost-July.

The photos aren’t great since they’re from my phone instead of my real camera, but I wanted to grab photos of some of the stuff in bloom.

Front bed after trimming back