May 6: new plantings – annuals and herbs

The forecast called for thunderstorms today, but lucky for me, since I took a day off, the rain didn’t come until late in the day. I took the chance to put some annuals in the ground (and some herbs in the raised bed) so they can get watered in naturally.

The back garden and raised bed

One thought on “May 6: new plantings – annuals and herbs

  1. ‘Mohave’?! (or ‘Mohave’?!) I have never heard of it. I have been wanting to grow strawflower for a while, but have not yet gotten around to it. It was a common cut flower crop near where my Pa lived in Montara. Weirdly, the crops were not divided by color, but grew as a mix, as if it were a home garden. That is likely how I would grow it in my own garden, which is a stretch for me. (I prefer all flowers of a type to be white or at least the same color.) I remember them as a mix, so would like to grow them that way, even if I do not know what colors they will bloom until they actually bloom. Even the least appealing colors are appealing, and ironically, white is not the best color for them.

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