Aug 3: garden status

We’re in peak summer flower season: the rudbeckia, shasta daisies, echinacea, white hydrangea, Russian sage, blanket flowers, and butterfly bush are all gorgeous. The Joe Pye weed, autumn joy sedum, goldenrod, and mums are getting ready to flourish. The yarrow, roses, and salvias are done, though, and I need to cut them back to clean things up a bit.

When I watch the garden from my office window, I often see large swallowtails out there now, and I found a couple of fat caterpillars on the rue. The rabbits are getting my milkweed (and liatris) out back; I hope there will be enough for the monarchs. The back beds need another year to fill in after I moved so much stuff around this winter.

Jul 9: garden status

Basil is starting to fill out in the raised bed. Time for pesto!
Brown eyed Susans, coneflowers, and Russian sage are blooming
I dead-headed the roses this week so a new flush of buds could bloom
The grasses are getting large
I like the rearrangement of the back bed, but it’s going to need another year at least for everything to fill in after me moving stuff around.

Jun 27: garden status

It’s that time of year where everything is growing and lush and pretty, and I stop logging it and just enjoy it. Every once in a while I take my camera out when I walk the garden. Here’s some stuff blooming in the end of July.

Mexican feather grass in bloom

June 12: garden status

I’m still waiting for the beds to fill in — I delayed a lot of growth by moving everything around over the winter. I hope it didn’t permanently damage stuff, and I hope I have the patience this coming winter to leave everything alone so it can re-establish. Maybe things will fill in more by July and August. We’ll see. That’s one reason for posting these status updates with pictures, so I’ll have a comparison next year.

I took my coffee out and sat in my garden chair this morning; the morning was cool, and the colors inspired me to get my camera out.

Out back

My new Mexican feather grasses; they’re my favorite
Back hill and raised bed
Back hill bed

Out front

Yarrow in full bloom out front

May 15: Garden status

Mexican feather grass and purple salvia
I need to cut those old hydrangea flowers off
May 15 and we’re better than February, but still have a ways to go to fill in

May 8: garden status

Everything’s a lot greener than it was a month ago. The trees have leaves, and the perennials are starting to fill in.

Back hill, raised bed, and trees with leaves
Front lobe still filling in, but the dogwood and gum trees have leaves
The roses are filling in with leaves, and the lilac, nepeta, and salvia are blooming
The salvia by the mailbox is in its glory

May 2: garden status

I got a new wide angle lens and was excited to take photos of the full garden with it today; I don’t have to go across the street anymore to get the front beds in the frame.

Rose bed
front bed
front bed in front of stairs
Most of the front beds in the evening
Back hill mid day

Apr 23: garden status

A little more green this week after a couple of nights just below freezing. The lowest temperature in the seven day forecast is 35F, and we’ve got a lot of warm days coming up. I’m eager to see how everything has grown when I return from a trip next weekend.

Tulips by the mailbox, lilac buds, and roses startin to leaf put
Green grass and dogwood
Back hill

Apr 17: garden status — blooming trees, salvia, and tulips

The grass is greening, more perennials are starting to push up leaves, and the dogwood, redbud, and first tulips and salvias are blooming.

Dogwood starting to bloom
Back hill