July 15: summer blooms

The garden is in full bloom, and a monarch came to visit the back garden beds today. My work killing lawn is paying off!

monarch milkweed echinacea 57
Monarch on milkweed
cleome jul 7 _35
lambs ear 65
Lamb’s ears
shasta daisy 44
Shasta daisy
back beds from side 44
The back beds are filling in

The front is starting to fill in as well.

liatris and sedum 15
Autumn joy sedum and liatris
front cleome zinnias bird bath and butterfly bush 22
Cleome, Miss Ruby butterfly bush, and bird bath
front lobe from back 17
Front bed from behind
bumblebees on lavender 014
Bumblebee on lavender

2 thoughts on “July 15: summer blooms

  1. We used to know the cabbage white butterfly as the cabbage looper. I still think of them as such. I do not know if I have ever seen a real cabbage looper. I would not have recognized it. I do not know what it looks like. The cabbage white butterflies seemed to be even more disorganized that other butterflies, and flew in vertical ‘loops’ over the mustard that grew as a cover crop in the orchards. They were even more abundant when the mustard got cut. I do not know why. Now that the orchards are gone, so is the mustard, and so are the cabbage loopers.


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