Garden update in photos: May 5

I posted this on my main blog but want to keep a record of the garden’s progress here as well.

Butterfly Mind

My fiddling in the flower beds is never done. These past two days, though, rain has forced me indoors to watch the garden instead of work in it. I went out today between showers to get some photos.

rain guage and salvia31 Rain gauge, salvia, and lambs ears

bird bath indigo salvia chair23 The rain brought down the Dogwood petals

yarrow and rain boot06 The yarrow is beginning to yellow (barely)

chamomile flowers34 Chamomile volunteers from last year’s plants

sensation rose salvia09 A new salvia in the garden: rose sensation

scabiosa bud36 Scabiosa bud

purple tulip and indigo salvia13 Tulips and salvia

lilac02 Lilac in bloom with water droplets


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