May in the garden

May 22 photos from the garden

Butterfly Mind

When the garden first begins to return in March, I might find something new to get excited about once per week: a snowdrop, a sprout emerging from the cold earth. Now, dozens of new things happen every day. I can sit outside and admire the garden for hours.

Today I wandered around with my camera, then looked back at photos from when I mulched on my gardening vacation in March. It’s so different now, and it’s only May!

Dwarf lilac

Back bed from the foot of the hill: marjoram and purple salvia in foreground, lambs ears and rue in front of the chair, shasta daisies to the right

The sugar snap peas are flowering

View from the top of the hill

My new passionflower ♥️

Lambs ears, penstemon, Walker’s Low nepeta



I planted the new bed (background) last weekend. The zinnia seeds have started to emerge, and the…

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