May 27: move Joe Pye; plant dill and gomphrena seeds; move zinnias

We had a full week if drenching rain last week. Poor Owen had soccer tryouts in the pouring rain for three nights in a row. I weeded yesterday and moved a bunch of the zinnia seedlings (planted April 13, ~6 weeks ago) to space them more evenly.

Zinnia seedlings after spacing them out
None of the globe amaranth came up, so I planted some in pots and put them with the cuttings I started last week (19 May).

I also sowed dill seeds behind the bee balm and transplanted one of the joe pye weeds over there to fill in that space.

April 29: flower boxes


  • 2 coconut liners at $3.99 each
  • 2 4-packs of purple pirouette petunias (grandiflora double) at $1.70 per 4-pack
  • 2 4-packs of white alyssum at $1.70 per 4-pack
  • 2 vinca majors at $1.75 each
  • 1 bag top soil at $3.99

Already had:

  • Potting soil
  • Oregano (or marjoram?) — dug up some that had spread

The coco liners were too tall for the containers, so I trimmed the liners until they were flush with the top edge of the metal basket. I lined each coco basket with the bottom of a white plastic tall kitchen garbage bag and cut snips for water to escape. 

I filled the plastic lined coco basket with a mixture of top soil and potting soil, then planted the plants. I watered in with two pitchers of fresh, cold water. It’s 90 today and sunny.

September gardening

cabbages and pansies for boxes
Cabbages and pansies for garden boxes
We thought we were going to wait till spring to start any gardening, but none of us could stand waiting.

I’ve been poring over gardening books, planning the spring beds. Our house looked sad and bare, though, after we ripped out the previous owner’s shrubbery. So we decided, we can at least put in some evergreens for winter, right?

Hick's yew with berry
Hick’s Yew (Taxus x media “Hicksii”)
holly in the garden
Japanese Holly (Ilex crenata “Helleri”)
With our freshly painted porch and door, we thought it might be nice to add some garden boxes too.

window boxes on porch rail
Fresh paint and garden boxes
We’ve never had garden boxes before. They are my new favorite thing about our house. Besides the turquoise front door. And the oak floors. And the kittens.

flowering kale cabbage
Pansies and flowering kale
We wanted something alive at our house when winter comes, and the man at the garden shop said pansies and cabbages would be great for garden boxes. The only real gardening I’ve done was in Florida, and I know nothing about winter plants. I am trusting blindly. Even if they don’t last through winter, though, they look awfully pretty now :-).

porch rail garden box
Garden box on the front porch rail