Early June: Who’s in the garden and what are the butterflies drinking?

I think we’ve got all the plants in that we are going to put in. I’m sitting under the dogwood tree, reading Donna Tartt’s The Little Friend and watching for butterflies. We were thinking of sailing today, but there was no wind this morning — the flag in the Kroger parking lot lay limp against the pole, completely still — and since this is my only day off this week, we decided to stay home. I’ve been in the garden ever since.

Right now, many things are in bloom: yarrow, bee balm, blanket flower, Lantana, firecracker plant, Pentas, rue, echinacea, guara, Russian sage, roses, creeping thyme, lavender. The indigo salvia has already peaked, as has the regular thyme. The blazing star, milkweed, and zinnias are on the verge of blooming. The Black-eyed Susans and the hydrangea by the stairs are developing buds, and the Joe Pye weed, Shasta daisies, and hydrangea in the dogwood bed show no flowering signs yet.
Who’s around:

  • Bumblebees
  • Honeybees 
  • Wasps
  • Robins
  • Blue jays
  • White butterfly (species unknown)
  • Orange butterfly (species unknown; not a monarch)

As usual, the rue is covered in bees and wasps. We’ve got blue jays and robins hopping around the front yard stretching worms as they pull them from the ground, and today I’ve started seeing butterflies. 

Plants the pollinating insects are visiting:

  • Rue
  • Lantana
  • Yarrow
  • Catmint
  • Yellow milkweed

There’s a white butterfly that’s been fluttering around all day — I don’t know what kind it is — and I also saw an orange one stop for a long time to drink from the berrylicious Lantana (or whatever variety the pink and yellow Lantana is called) and then the yarrow. Out back, a white butterfly with a black spot on its wing stopped on the yellow milkweed within a couple of hours of me putting it in the ground.

I haven’t seen any hummingbirds yet this year — maybe it’s early yet. I know they liked the bee balm and the pink salvia last year. I’ve been surprised by the lack of interest in the guara, bee balm, and echinacea so far. The bee balm and echinacea are just starting to bloom, so maybe later in the summer they’ll be more popular.

I haven’t seen any birds or butterflies use the bird bath our daughter made me for Mother’s Day yet, and currently we don’t have any caterpillars that I’m aware of. The rue had a couple of swallowtail caterpillars a week or two ago, but I don’t see any now. I hope the wasps aren’t killing them.

Black moth(?) with white spots on rue

White butterfly with black spot on yellow milkweed

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