Mar 23: rain and rest

I always take a lot of photos this time of year because I’m eager for every bit of new growth each day. It’s easy to see progress when everything is starting fresh; I walk the garden multiple times a day to see if anything new has emerged.

Today it rained most of the day, which is excellent for the garden, and also for me since I need a break. I took my camera out in the drizzle to record some of the stuff going on.

One thought on “Mar 23: rain and rest

  1. Just found your blog. I thought I was kind of crazy because I do the same thing – walk the garden multiple times a day, especially in early spring because I’m so eager to see new green growth and get so excited to see what is emerging! Fun to find a fellow gardener that gets as excited as I do! 😉 I’m in MI – zone 6a and have a penchant for planting native species to my area.

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